Presentation in Alessandria of the CSRPiemonte study, highlighting positive trends and difficulties to be resolved.

As part of the activities for the CSRPiemonte project, Regione Piemonte (the Piedmont regional authority) and Unioncamere Piemonte, with the Alessandria Chamber of Commerce, organised a workshop for businesses on 27 June in Alessandria. During the event, the key findings of the survey on corporate social responsibility conducted among 2,646 Piedmontese companies were presented and CSR best practices were illustrated.            

As Grace De Girolamo of CSRPiemonte explained, of the more than 2,600 companies surveyed in Piedmont, 1 in 2 said they invested in CSR activities, mainly relating to company welfare and the environment.

Virtually all the companies interviewed (93.6{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}) expressed a desire for continuity with respect to CSR initiatives that are already underway, while a third said they intended to launch new initiatives soon.
The main obstacle to CSR is the shortage of corporate financial resources, followed by the lack of tax incentives. Just under one company in three considers the absence of immediate returns a hindrance, while 20.8{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} complain of the lack of a favourable internal managerial culture. This particular finding highlights the need for CSR to be shared and inspired by top management, so that it can be experienced as a real element of corporate strategy.

The survey data also shows that companies that invest in CSR are more likely to be members of collaborative networks.

The interesting issue of company networks was examined by Walter Sancassiani of FocusLab during the workshop. Sancassiani illustrated developments in the region of Emilia Romagna, where dozens of company and association networks have been set up and today co-plan with regard to topics such as corporate welfare, green innovation, reporting.

The second part of the workshop was reserved for the experiences of local companies.
Anna Ravera of Aps, Simonetta Zaccara of Gruppo AMAG, Filippo Zaio from Centrale del Latte di Alessandria e Asti and Alfio Rebuffo of Michelin Alessandria talked about their CSR commitment.

The conclusions were drawn by Sergio Vazzoler of Amapola, who, in light of the findings of the survey, emphasised that culture, education and promotion of CSR are indispensable to win today’s challenge: building solid and solidarity-based networks of companies and associations, to generate growth and create common progress.