Beginning with the choice of name (“amapola” is Spanish for “poppy”), the natural environment is a constant source of inspiration for the agency in developing communication initiatives for businesses and organisations committed to sustainable development.

For us, talking sustainability means following a constantly evolving series of indications in our daily work with our clients:

  1. develop a perceptible sustainability identity for the client and consequently strengthen their reputation
  2. enhance the benefits of social and environmental action, clearly and without exaggeration
  3. communicate and interact with stakeholders in order to understand and satisfy their needs and at the same time engage them on issues of common interest
  4. attribute a specific weight to local community relations
  5. convey messages that are truthful, clear and complete
  6. ensure consistency between messages and conduct
  7. be positive and motivating, to encourage support and virtuous behaviour
  8. avoid use of abbreviations, technical jargon and industry codes
  9. use the opportunities offered by digital communication and the social media to shorten distances and establish an active, constantly monitored listening and communication channel
  10. avoid green and social washing risks or shortcuts purely for image purposes.

These guidelines underpin our positioning on the communication market, represented by our strapline “Talking Sustainability”. We not only talk, we also think and interact in a communication dimension geared to sustainability, with the objective of fostering the awareness of Amapola’s stakeholders, internal and external; our staff, partners, clients, opinion makers, website visitors and, why not, our competitors, who are a positive stimulus for continuous improvement.

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