Amapola has implemented another element in its communication and sustainable development strategy for the Centrale del Latte di Alessandria e Asti milk board: the website is now online with enhanced content and a restyled structure, to illustrate more effectively the journey milk takes from milking parlour to table.
This is a zero food miles process: every year, the Alessandria and Asti milk board collects, processes and sells approximately 15 million litres of fresh milk and cream and distributes around 400 different products, thanks to the cooperation among families and breeders in 12 farms located in a 25 km radius around the processing plant.
With such a short supply chain, milking, checking and delivery in north-west Italy takes place in just a few hours. The milk is also available in Savona for the LATTE MU brand and Viareggio for the MI’ LATTE brand: three brands, but one large family, with all the information available via a simple easy-to-read menu.

A key role is played by the 12 farms, each of which has its own page on the site relating its story and the results of the annual inspections carried out under the regulations established by the Centrale milk board in 1999, to guarantee compliance with its standards for the production of “Latte Alta Qualità” high-quality milk.
The Alessandria and Asti milk board is the first example of a milk supply chain with third-party certification. The “LE CASCINE” section looks at the focus on animal welfare and respect for the environment, the core values of the board ever since it was established in 1931. which today translate into concrete social, environmental and economic responsibility policies, described in the “SOSTENIBILITA” section.

The website also invites browsers to take part in the IL TUO LATTE IN PALIO photo competition for the 2016 Asti Palio horse race, from 15 to 18 September, during which people can take a photo, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #IlTuoLatteInPalio or on the milk board’s FB page.
The 3 photos with the most LIKEs on 10 October will win a prize hamper of milk board products.

On the new portal, tradition, best practice and the drive for innovation combine to offer the most authentic image of the Centrale milk board, a responsible company with strong links with the local community and consumers,” says Amapola CEO Luca Valpreda.

Amapola’s partnership with the Alessandria and Asti Centrale reflects the agency’s core values and good practice: talking sustainability means giving value to the economic, social and environmental dimensions of organisations, interacting with stakeholders to listen, understand and satisfy their needs, but also empowering them to establish a partnership based on trust.