In the next days, Amapola will be in two interesting meetings.

Padua, Tuesday 10 May
“Why are we never prepared when there’s a crisis? A toolbox hypothesis”.

On 10 May we’ll be in Padua for the seminar on Crisis Management and Environmental Communication, promoted by the Communication workgroup of the national system for the protection of the environment, in cooperation with FERPI-CASP (Professional Updating Commission). Through a series of interviews conducted by Giovanni Landolfi, of Stampa Finanziaria, industry experts will provide the participants with a “minimal” toolbox that every crisis manager should be familiar with and/or own.
Amapola partner Sergio Vazzoler will be interviewed on best practice in the event of environmental emergencies and on the 5 communication assets in these circumstances: inform, listen, discuss, decide, motivate.

Download the seminar program here

Turin, Monday 16 May
“Narrating the environment: a citizenship challenge”

On 16 May, as part of the Turin International Book Show, we’ll be taking part in and providing live tweet updates on the debate “Narrating the environment: a citizenship challenge” organised by the FIMA Italian Federation of Environmental Media.
The members of the panel will be Giorgio Levi, Luca Mercalli, Ermete Realacci, Mario Salomone, Rossella Sobrero. Moderator: Beppe Rovera.
The round table will be the occasion for the presentation of the Environmental Information Charter, drawn up by the FIMA for gradual application by environmental journalists and communicators.

Read the program here