Reborn Ideas, the first e-commerce omnichannel for products 100% Made in Italy though upcycling, has just made its official debut: Amapola handled media relations for the new operation. Upcycling is the creative process that gives “new life” to discarded raw materials and used products, generating original objects and new value. Upcycling is even more creative than simple recycling. The Reborn catalogue presents clothing, objects, furnishings: from swimsuits and bags in recycled polyester and PCV to clocks and eyewear in sustainable materials like wood and stone, or throws made from silk and cashmere offcuts.

The Reborn Ideas project is perfectly aligned with Amapola’s mission of communicating sustainability and corporate responsibility. Reborn focuses on issues relating to the environment and the circular economy, and puts the spotlight on industry parks and small businesses through its e-commerce platform. This facilitates the formation of networks of small manufacturers, true craftsmen of luxury, who take raw materials that have already been used or discarded by normal production processes and create objects of value.

Fashion changes and becomes sustainable

Fashion is the world’s second-largest industry in terms of revenues and production, and by 2030 world consumption of clothes is expected to rise by 63% to 102 million tonnes. (Source: Pulse Report 2017).

Like other industries, fashion is coming to terms with sustainability, and expects to double the volume of recycled material, including polyester, to reach 76 million tonnes/year by 2030. Although this is an important figure, it is not sufficient in itself to guarantee true sustainability throughout the supply chain. New approaches are needed upstream, beginning with purchasing decisions, to drive a change of direction and effectively cut environmental impact.

Reborn Ideas intends to show that thanks to upcycling and recycling it is possible to create high-quality products with minimal environmental impact.