AmapoLaB® is the name of a project created to help companies build relationships and engage the local community. Developed by AMAPOLA, the laboratory provides businesses with specific operating tools to communicate with their local area and achieve on-going mutual benefits.

How did the project begin? Why is an ad hoc relationship tool for engagement with the local community useful?

The starting point is the widespread awareness that the community in the area where a company is located (whatever its field of business) can play a decisive role in that company’s success/failure. It should no longer be regarded as a backdrop to its operations, but as an integral element, a resource (or difficulty) to be managed and cultivated.
The area in which a company operates is also an area where people work, live and relate to one another. Each person has their own needs, opinions, perceptions. The greater the satisfaction of their needs, the more positive their opinions and perceptions will be, and the more the business – which already provides jobs, wealth and opportunities – will be regarded as an integral, dynamic member of the community.

While economic sustainability and business goals must necessarily be factored in, today’s business organisation has the duty, the need and, above all, the opportunity to consider itself an active member of the community and to interact with it. To do this successfully, it has to manage the relationships it establishes, directly or indirectly, with all stakeholders: its employees, naturally, but also institutional bodies, representative bodies, lobbies (environmentalists or others) and the public.

The development of positive relationships with the local community generates benefits for both the company and the community:

  • The company, as an acknowledged key interlocutor, will receive greater attention from institutions, people, employees, intermediate bodies, in government and local community decisions;
  • The community in which the company operates will not only acquire jobs and wealth but also subsidiarity and attention to its specific needs.

Case history: Solvay Lab

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