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Making sustainability real

Sergio Vazzoler Obstacles to be overcome and opportunities to be grasped: the role of communication. The year now drawing to a close has seen a further advance in the consolidation and spread of the concept of sustainability, as part of a process that has been...

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How Millennials and Generation Z choose food

The huge cultural (and media) interest in food shines a light on an important fact: taste is only one of the considerations that come into play when consumers choose food. Sustainability, traceability, quality and safety are criteria of growing significance in their...

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Bugs (for) life: picky eaters, your time is up

All the latest on entomophagy in Europe. Almost inevitable, says the FAO. I can still see the horrified expression on the face of Kate Capshaw in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”: It was 1984 and Steven Spielberg’s future wife, beset by rising waves of nausea,...

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Climate change, all.

Nebbiolo grown at high altitudes? A resurgence of malaria? Coffee plantations beneath the snow? What do they all have in common? These situations might seem absurd, but the consequences of climate change could make scenarios of this type likely. The effects of global...

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The eleventh commandment: do not waste food

Sustainability with regard to food is a major issue for debate and active policy planning. The great stage provided by EXPO2015 shone the spotlight on food waste, a question that demands analysis (and a response) from all the players in the food supply chain:...

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Open Day, live an experience

“Open Day, live an experience” is not just the title of the new video clip in the season “Social Responsibility and Relationship Tools”, it’s also a concrete suggestion about how a company should approach this particular communication tool. As Sergio Vazzoler...

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