Economic solidity, social responsibility and integration capacity: these are the three main components of the CAP Group 2015-2020 Business Plan. Together they form a real compass in the overall activities of the Group, which manages the integrated water cycle for all the municipalities in the Milan metropolitan area and many others in Lombardy. Last week, the Group received prestigious recognition when it was named as the best utility in the “Sustainability” section of the “Top Utility Award”.

Amapola was asked to produce the book summarising CAP Group’s Business Plan, with a focus on its main “facts&figures” in terms of investment, strategies and economic performance, as well as its engagement with the local municipalities.

The Plan is the outcome of a shared process consisting of ten territorial assemblies with the administrations of limited, homogeneous territories, so as to keep the presentation and discussion as close as possible to specific service needs: in this way, the Plan was able to embrace the requirements and observations of the people who live in and manage the territory on a daily basis.

One of the most significant figures is certainly the ambitious objective of investing 50 euro a year per resident in public water: an overall annual investment of more than 90 million euro, a tangible demonstration of CAP’s contribution to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Milan metropolitan area and the surrounding areas.

The editorial project coordinated by Amapola involved staff members Enzo Carena for design and infographics, and Sergio Vazzoler for content editing. They worked together with the CAP Group communication office.

The book can be downloaded on the CAP Group institutional website.