On 16 March, Sergio Vazzoler was a guest of Ferpi Triveneto for a discussion with Stefano Martello about communication and natural disasters, as part of the event “Crisis communication when natural disasters strike. Models and opportunities”.

The day was organised by the local delegation of the PR federation in cooperation with the Veneto Order of Journalists, for the cycle “Faccio cose, vedo gente” [I do things, I see people]. It looked at the complex and highly topical question of communication during natural disasters.

The lively morning session moderated by Ada Sinigallia examined the challenges and requirements of this particular type of communication. The meeting agreed that communication set in motion today when these events occur is largely inadequate. Information communicated post-disaster needs to be supplemented with knowledge about prevention, on-going information, up-to-the-minute data. These are the elements that can foster the right culture and attention to the issue of natural disasters, generating greater public awareness and triggering behaviour that can have an impact on emergency management.

A report on the day edited by Ada Sinigallia is available on the Ferpi website.