At a time of deep conflict over issues of relating to public health or protection of the environment, communication has never played such a central role as it does today. New forms of discussion need to be developed to overcome the typical delays in the approaches of public authorities, business organisations and the media.
As we have reported on previous occasions, some people believe conflicts can be resolved through mediation. In January, lawyer Veronica Dini launched The Mediation of Environmental Conflicts project, with the active participation of many institutional and economic bodies, starting with the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Cariplo Foundation.

Amapola partner Sergio Vazzoler is a member of the workgroup for environmental communication and stakeholder engagement, and will be one of the speakers at the final conference on the experimental phase of the project on Thursday 24 November at the Testori Auditorium of the Lombardy Regional Council in Milan. Another opportunity to share ideas and experience after a year of innovative, shared and interdisciplinary work, after the recent round table during the CSR and Social Innovation Show.

Management of environmental conflicts has always been a core focus at Amapola,” says Vazzoler, “and mediation can only be achieved through a two-pronged approach of structured listening and effective communication. This should start as soon as development projects begin, and not, as too often happens, when conflict has already broken out.”

A highlight of the conference on 24 November will be the presentation of the Guidelines for the mediation of environmental conflicts, a sort of operating manual that facilitates conduct of mediation procedures regarding environmental issues. The project is supported and promoted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, through its special Arbitration Chamber, and is funded by Fondazione Cariplo, Assolombarda, Federchimica, FISE Assoambiente, FISE Unire, AssoRinnovabili, Fondazione AEM, BARI Mediterraneo – Unipol, Unione Confcommercio Milano, Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso.

The program for 24 November is available here and on the website.