On 11 November, as part of the national initiatives organised for the XIV Corporate Culture Week, the Alessandria branch of Confindustria organised a conference entitled “+30 – Possible developments – A multi-agent simulation to identify evolutionary scenarios over the next 30 years in the province of Alessandria”. At the conference, the results were presented of a study conducted by professor Giuseppe Russo of Step Ricerche and head of the Einaudi Centre.

The study used a “multi-agent simulation”, a mathematical-computer technique for simulated scale reproduction of complex systems, where the end result derives not only from input, but also from the interaction of the agents in the system. Examination of the current data indicates that the province of Alessandria is heading for a “comfortable non decline”, but a variety of evolutionary scenarios are possible, based on the ability of local players to act with respect to multiple variables.

Click here for the results of the study.

Speakers at the conference included Luca Paolazzi, director of the Confindustria Study Centre, Luigi Serra, an entrepreneur and executive vice president of the Luiss “Guido Carli” university, as well as the leaders of Confindustria Alessandria, and the president of the province of Alessandria and mayor of Alessandria, Rita Rossa. The moderator was Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Fabio Pavesi.

The video material was edited by Amapola: filmed by Lucio Laugelli, the videos narrate the opinions of Italian citizens about the economy in the Alessandria area and policies to promote growth, together with extracts from the addresses of the conference speakers.


Amapola also interviewed some of the conference speakers.

Video interview with Andrea Tomaselli (vice president Confindustria Alessandria)
Video interview with Giuseppe Russo (Step Ricerche and director Einaudi Centre)
Video interview with Luca Paolazzi (director Confindustria Study Centre)
Video interview with Luigi Serra (entrepreneur and executive vice president Luiss “Guido Carli” university)