Marchese Luca Spinola is a young wine company, but steeped in age-old tradition“.
This phrase welcomes visitors to, the website of the Piedmontese wine producer, a company with a long and noble tradition, for which Amapola provided communication services in 2016.
We came up with the idea for and produced the new portal, which tells the fascinating story of the company in words and images.

Originally from Genoa, the Spinola family have owned vineyards in the Gavi region for centuries, but it was just ten years ago that the heir, Andrea Spinola, decided to give up his career with an important multinational in Milan and return to his childhood home in Rovereto di Gavi, to develop a company that produces a Cortese di Gavi appreciated all over the world today.
Situated in an excellent location – at 200 metres a.s.l. with the best exposure in the region – the Spinola vines enjoy extensive sunlight throughout the year, producing a wine with an intense bouquet and delicate flavour.

foto-azienda-02-300x169The company has a strong international focus, exporting mainly to the USA and Japan, but it needed help with its marketing and external communication tools.
Amapola produced a series of company brochures, which were then translated into English and Japanese by its partner company Dotwords, a language service provider, to the great satisfaction of Spinola and its international customers.
The new site has also been translated into English, to cater for the international market and drive new business development.

A key characteristic of Spinola wine production is the use of natural processes and ingredients. Indeed, the company’s latest initiative, a project about which it is passionate, is to obtain organic certification for its wine, another move reflecting the attention to the environment and vocation for sustainability that distinguishes this wine producer.
In 2016, Spinola’s focus on innovation led to the development of the world’s first certified Kosher Gavi, currently marketed in the USA.

IMG-20160706-WA0014The history and innovative vision of the Marchese Luca Spinola company, its ties with the land and the importance of tradition are narrated in a video produced by Amapola in the autumn, and posted on the company website.

We shot the vineyards at the beginning of the summer, when nature’s colours are at their most splendid, and filmed a typical day’s harvesting in early September. The result is an enthralling account of the company and its activities. Some of the filming was shot using a drone, from which we took the aerial stills published on the website.A special thanks goes to Andrea Rex Revelli of MakeNoize! Studio for the collaboration in this project.
Once again with the help of Dotwords, the video will soon be available with captions in Japanese and English.

For the series “How it’s made“, we also had fun producing a backstage video of the shoot at the Spinola vineyard.
You can see our professionals at work and some behind-the-scenes clips with Andrea Spinola and his excellent wines, which, needless to say, we had to sample.