The best practices of sustainable Italy selected for you

Organic food. Why does it cost so much more?

Are we sure that the fact that an organic peach costs up to 7 times as much as a conventionally grown peach is simply a question of higher quality? According to the Bologna Chamber of Commerce’s weekly price list, updated on 24 August 2017, organic peaches are sold at...

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The importance of being sustainable

The world of beer is moving down the path of sustainability. And some surprisingly refreshing news comes from the Belpaese, proving once again that Italians’ attention to sustainability and the environment is growing every day. The beer house rules. Sasso Pirano, a...

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MusKin, the wearable mushroom

Grado Zero Innovation, a start-up based in Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, studies and develops new materials for use in the most disparate industrial sectors. One day it had the “crazy” idea of creating a material that would give the same tactile sensations as a...

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Beetroot is the new plastic

It was 1989 when the Fertec labs, the Montedison research centre, produced the first Mickey Mouse wristwatch for distribution with the famous comic. Not many people knew, however, that the watch had been made with materials derived from maize. Technological advances...

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