Screenshot-know-wowKnow-wow is a digital environment developed by Amapola and the Erecta software house to collect, organise and provide simple, intuitive access to “corporate knowhow” from any device (PCs, smartphones, tablets).

Know-Wow makes a full range of multimedia content, knowledge and best practice available to the organisation’s employees and partners.

Shared knowledge makes for informed, effective operations and decision-making in any situation.

Clear, two-way, horizontal or vertical communication among colleagues and all levels of the organisation; webinars and info/training materials; up-to-date communication and marketing materials; the best solutions to problems, in any area; the latest price lists; service techniques and video tutorials; presentations; spec sheets and manuals.

Know-Wow is a protected, technologically secure environment, intended for controlled useinside the company or with selected external audiences.

It is available in any language.

All this is Know-wow. Countless opportunities, countless benefits.

Visit the Know-wow site to find out more

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