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Talking Sustainability is the Amapola “magazine”.

Below are the latest articles published in the four sections:

The importance of being sustainable

The world of beer is moving down the path of sustainability. And some surprisingly refreshing news comes from the Belpaese, proving once again that Italians’ attention to sustainability and the environment is growing every day. The beer house rules. Sasso Pirano, a...

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ReTuna, the recycling mall

A new idea for recycling and the fight against waste comes from Sweden: an entire shopping mall devoted to recycled goods, the ReTuna Recycling Gallery in Eskiltuna, about twelve miles from Stockholm. The gallery, which opened in August 2015, houses 14 second-hand...

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MusKin, the wearable mushroom

Grado Zero Innovation, a start-up based in Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, studies and develops new materials for use in the most disparate industrial sectors. One day it had the “crazy” idea of creating a material that would give the same tactile sensations as a...

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Beetroot is the new plastic

It was 1989 when the Fertec labs, the Montedison research centre, produced the first Mickey Mouse wristwatch for distribution with the famous comic. Not many people knew, however, that the watch had been made with materials derived from maize. Technological advances...

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Climate change, all.

Nebbiolo grown at high altitudes? A resurgence of malaria? Coffee plantations beneath the snow? What do they all have in common? These situations might seem absurd, but the consequences of climate change could make scenarios of this type likely. The effects of global...

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