Everything is ready for the fourth CSR and Social Innovation Show, an opportunity for business organisations, professional associations, government agencies, communication experts and academics to meet up and share views on change and competitiveness. This year’s show, at Milan’s Bocconi University, will be held on 4 – 5 October.

This edition of the show will see the debut of the CSR Manager Network video channel, directed by Amapola. Over the two days of the event, we shall be producing dozens of video-interviews with corporate executives, associations and experts, which can be seen on the network website.

Among the many meetings scheduled during the show, three in particular will see our agency in a leading role.

On day 1, 4 October, a double engagement for Amapola.
At 3 p.m., a panel will be held on “Mediation of environmental conflicts“, for an update on mediation of disputes relating to environmental issues, with particular reference to the Milan area. The panel members will be Veronica Dini, coordinator of the “Mediation of environmental conflicts” project”, Nicola Giudice, director of the conciliation service at the Milan Arbitration Chamber, Lucia Musselli, from Milan University, and Alfredo Parodi, Assolombarda.
The discussion will be moderated by Amapola senior partner Sergio Vazzoler.

This will be followed, at 5 p.m., with a debate on crisis communication during environmental emergencies, again with the involvement of Sergio Vazzoler. Crisis communication is a headline issue in Italy, where management of earthquakes, floods and environmental incidents by local authorities and businesses often leaves much to be desired.
The debate, organised by the FIMA (Italian federation of environmental media), is entitled “Environmental emergencies and crisis communication: earthquakes past and present, from L’Aquila to Central Italy” and takes its cue from a recently published book on the issue (“Disastri naturali: una comunicazione responsabile? Modelli, casi reali e opportunità nella comunicazione di crisi”). The panel members, besides Sergio Vazzoler, will be Cristina Pacciani, ISPRA chief press officer, Biagio Oppi, Ferpi delegate for Emilia Romagna, Rossella Ivone, journalist.
The debate will be moderated by FIMA General Secretary Marco Fratoddi.

A key event on the second and last day of the show, 5 October, will be the presentation of the book by Rossella Sobrero, President of Koinètica, “Comunicare la sostenibilità. 20 tesi per il futuro“, in which the author examines corporate social responsibility processes and players, and the characteristics of effective communication integrating off- and on-line strategies. The final section of her book looks to the future: 20 “theses” for sustainability communication of benefit to the organisation concerned, but also to its stakeholders, proposed by Paolo Anselmi, Laura Cantoni, Ilaria Catastini, Stefano Cianciotta, Emilio Conti, Paolo D’Anselmi, Danilo Devigili, Andrea Di Turi, Giuseppe Mazza, Toni Muzi Falconi, Ivana Pais, Francesca Panzarin, Livia Piermattei, Sebastiano Renna, Stefania Romenti, Massimo Sumberesi, Roberta Testa, Luca Testoni, Sergio Vazzoler, Elena Zanella.
The book presentation will be attended by Rossella Sobrero and some of the authors of the 20 theses for the future.

You can follow live reporting on the events via our social channels (Fb @AmapolaTalkingSustainability – Twitter @amapola_smart) with #CSRIS16.

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