Amapola partner Sergio Vazzoler has been asked to develop the educational elements of “Tomorrow’s entrepreneur”, an initiative promoted by the Alessandria Provincial Authority and financed by the National Lifelong Learning Programme Agency.

The project, an educational programme for students and teachers, is the result of cooperation among the “Nervi-Fermi” school, the Alessandria Confindustria industrialists’ association, the Associazione Libera Artigiani and the Scuola Edile. The aim is to promote an understanding of enterprise culture among young people, with a specific focus on youngsters about to enter the jobs market.

The meetings look at the corporate world, providing teachers with information about company structures and enterprise creation to pass on to their students. Under the project, in February the youngsters and teachers will continue their training in Spain, at the University of Cartagena, the Spanish partner on the project.