Over the last few weeks, we have seen growing numbers of headlines announcing that innovative corporations are coming increasingly to rely on video, with new products and services putting video at the heart of business plans.

If I had to make a bet, I’d say: video, video, video“, said Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook vice president for Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA), speaking to the audience at the London summit of Fortune magazine. “Today, the best way to tell a story is with video, it provides endless information in a very short time.” In five years’ time, Facebook will probably consist solely of videos, according to a forecast supported by booming numbers and empirical observation of users’ pages, where written text is on the decline. In the last 12 months, daily video views on Facebook have risen from 1 to 8 billion, in part as a result of the launch of FB LIVE streaming.
Speaking in Berlin a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg himself said that video is the function that interests him most, especially live video, which is almost an “obsession“, judging from the attention paid to it by the Facebook team of engineers.

The results of the latest surveys confirm the trend: according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index published in June, in Italy more than 42 million people will have an internet connection by 2020, taking penetration from 64{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} in 2015 to 71{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}; worldwide, more than 4 billion people will have a mobile and fixed connection, with data traffic trebling compared with today. All this memory will consist for the most part of video files, which in 2020 will account for 82{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of total network traffic: video services and content will be the dominant applications, on which all the most farsighted businesses – from B2B to entertainment – have begun to focus.

Indeed, video will be a key driver of the global growth of Internet traffic: video use will quadruple – worldwide and in Italy too – and in 2020 will account for 82{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of ‘consumer’ traffic (in 2015 it was 68{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622}). Traffic generated by virtual reality has quadrupled in recent years, and will increase 61-fold by 2020.

This is why the importance of video is growing exponentially and why one of Amapola’s core goals is to build corporate awareness and provide support for businesses: video is rapidly becoming the preferred method of collecting information, communicating and taking time out!