Dotwords, the Language Service Provider that creates cloud-based translation and localisation management solutions from and to any language, with which Amapola has a strategic partnership on corporate internationalisation, developed a unique multilingual event format for the Network Society World Congress, with high-impact “live” activities and an innovative method of engaging participants and users following the event in streaming.

Live mind mapping and “arthouse” video interviews are the value-added multilingual services developed for the event by our partner agency.

As each speaker addressed the meeting, an expert Mind Mapper created a mental map of the content, projecting it on the screens in the conference hall and on a streaming link. The final version was posted on social channels and the web: the experience was warmly received by users and the audience as a means to follow each paper, and to create links among the various speeches and during the round tables. A team of specialists – directors, journalists, writers, technical experts – identified key issues and prominent people attending the congress, as the subjects of high-impact ”arthouse” video interviews.

Take a look at the interview with David Orban, founder of Network Society Research.

The interviews will be published on a wide range of channels, complete with source language and translated captions created with the Dotsub patented technology for which Dotwords is the exclusive licensee in Italy and preferential partner in Europe. Thanks to the captions, the audio of the videos can be indexed by search engines.