Marketing experts say that in 2017, 74{f94e4705dd4b92c5eea9efac2f517841c0e94ef186bd3a34efec40b3a1787622} of total internet traffic will consist of videos. Why? Because video is immediate, fast, easy to understand and, above all, it conveys emotion better than any other medium.
Convinced of the importance of video, Amapola interprets its clients’ requirements by developing quality products that narrate what lies behind a product, an activity, an initiative.

Amapola’s communication specialists identify key messages, edit scripts and conduct interviews, then its team of videomakers shoot and edit the video footage, coordinated by director and producer Stefano Belviglieri, who has wide experience in television (La7, Rai2, Italia 1, Rete 4).

Here are some examples of our work and here a showreel.

Our video services

Institutional videos
These high-quality productions are “emotional” presentations of a company to its customers and stakeholders.

Company profiles
Company profile videos are streamlined productions: they use a more telegraphic, commercial style, with factory and production shots.

Video interviews
Produced with or without an interviewer, with one or multiple cameras, possibly enhanced with animated graphics, these videos are effective tools to channel specific messages.

Event reports
Videos documenting high-visibility events and meetings involving sponsors and the local community.

Product presentations
Short videos describing specific products, with production shots and animations.

Video news
From reports on individual news items to complete news bulletins: a tool to raise the company profile or improve internal communication.

Video communiqués
Produced with mixed video/graphics techniques, video communiqués are particularly effective in illustrating conceptual concepts.

When data is the centre of attention, animated infographics are a powerful tool.

Training videos
An invaluable aid for training activities and an effective way to save on classroom and travel costs.

Video surveys
People’s opinions captured live: their views are increasingly important for organisations wanting to understand and communicate with their audiences.

Backstage videos
These videoclips illustrate the “nuts and bolts” of an experience or activity and always attract great interest.

Virtual sets
Shot against a green screen, to create virtual sets with company images.

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