Behaviour is driven by emotions, opinions, ideas, experience. Through our actions, by sharing our experiences with other people and taking part in the life of the community (at every level, the workplace, political debate, …), we shape our perception of ourselves and those around us. So here at Amapola we base our approach on two core elements:

  1. Listening. The starting and end point of every communication project: listening is essential to learn, understand, interact and communicate with other people
  2. Integration. Our actions never have just one single result: depending on the context, they produce a ripple effect, to be governed in an integrated manner.

These elements guide and “influence” all our services:

  • structured listening and theme mapping
  • sustainability communication strategies, projects and activities
  • stakeholder engagement and community relations
  • green content management (copywriting, storytelling, reporting, web content management)
  • socio-environmental conflict management
  • training and coaching
  • education
  • market surveys
  • production and post-production (video, digital, multimedia)
  • English communication and support for international growth

We organise our offer by thematic areas to help CSR and environmental communication mangers review their overall approach and enhance content, video and social media:

Beyond CSR
Corporate Social Responsibility is only effective when it has a real impact on value creation, for both the business organisation and the community: to achieve this we promote shared projects where social innovation rhymes with economic sustainability. Read more
Before Nimby
Taking effective action against the NIMBY syndrome means, first of all, anticipating and preventing its effects through careful use of stakeholder monitoring, listening and communication tools. Read more
A digital environment dedicated to enterprise knowledge-sharing. Because “knowledge is the new infrastructure” (Pierre Levy). Find out more. Read more
Community relations according to Amapola: putting the enterprise at the heart of the community (and vice versa). Read more

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