Amapola consolidates with three new appointments and two internal divisions

10 Apr, 2024

Da sinistra a destra: Giulia Devani, Alberto Marzetta e Emilio Conti

Alberto Marzetta heads the Client Division, Giulia Devani leads the Reporting Area and Emilio Conti heads Infrastructure and Territorial Projects.

New clients, projects, colleagues. In the last three years, Amapola has achieved significant growth, welcoming 10 new people to the team and increasing the number of its partners. To respond to market requirements and the growth of the team, the agency has restructured its internal organisation, creating two new specialised divisions. Three new appointments are announced. Alberto Marzetta, an agency partner and key figure in the organisation, takes on the role of Manager of the Clients Division. Giulia Devani, a CSR and sustainability consultant, has been named Team Leader of the Reporting Area. Senior consultant Emilio Conti will head the Infrastructure and Territorial Projects Division.

Alberto Marzetta

Alberto Marzetta has a wide-ranging professional background, having worked in integrated communication project management, reporting, stakeholder and community engagement, and strategic consultancy. A trainer specialised in facilitation techniques, over the years he has followed international players active in consumer goods, services, utilities, innovation and manufacturing. In his new role, he will be responsible for the management and development of client relations, a key activity to support Amapola’s strong expansion.

Distinguishing characteristics: when he is not working, Alberto runs. Behind his son, first of all, a bundle of lively energy. And very often on roads and paths, as a devotee of trail running.

Giulia Devani

Giulia Devani brings solid experience in political communication, online reputation management, crisis management and territorial relations. She is an expert in sustainability reporting, environmental communication and CSR. The new division she heads focuses exclusively on sustainability reporting, and will be supporting business clients at every stage in the reporting process: from initial assessment to operating support for the internal working team, from data collection to materiality analysis and stakeholder engagement, from copywriting to graphical design, as well as optimisation of the report through communication activities.

Distinguishing characteristics: outside the office, Giulia has the good fortune to share her life with a lively daughter, a versatile artist husband who divides his time between microphones and the kitchen, and a fish called Jerry.

Emilio Conti

Emilio Conti has 30 years of experience in environmental communication projects, sustainability reporting, stakeholder relations management. Backed by his education in the sciences, at Amapola he works in environmental socio-territorial consultancy, supporting organisations as they build new infrastructure and cultivate listening, dialogue and participation with the local community. The division led by Emilio, Infrastructure and Territorial Projects, develops territorial socio-environmental assessment projects (analysis of territory status and related risk and opposition factors), stakeholder engagement and management, communication strategy.

Distinguishing characteristics: a lover of nature and mountains, when he can Emilio enjoys long walks to collect his thoughts and regenerate mind and body.