We made the big move in November 2021.​

The decision had been brewing for a while. Sustainability is our daily bread, we said, we provide services to help organisations and companies achieve change and a commitment to the common good is something we all share at a personal level. So let’s put our money where our mouth is.

We wanted to do it well, in a way that would reflect who we are and how we approach life in general, and the life of the agency in particular. Every Amapoler was involved in defining our common benefit objectives. We talked, we exchanged views, we told each other which areas we were particularly interested in… and yes, we argued about it too!

And the result?

Eleven benefit objectives (we may have gone a little over the top …), which we introduced into our articles of association.



An Impact Board, a “political” decision

Every benefit corporation has an impact officer. We decided to give ourselves an entire board. Under the articles of association, the Amapola Impact Board consists of “from 3 to 7 members and is renewed in whole or in part every three years”. Its members may be employees, consultants or even external stakeholders. The basic requirement: you must be 35 or under.

Why did we decide to overturn the conventional hierarchical thinking and make our youngest people responsible for our common benefit goals?

The best answer would be: why not? The younger generations can and must take the lead, especially when their future is at stake, and they have the skills to do so. Too often, although we say “the future belongs to the young”, decision-making continues to be in the hands of generations who – all things considered – have failed in terms of social innovation and environmental protection.

So, under our articles of association, at Amapola the youngest people decide how to manage our commitment for the common good. And they also are responsible for our annual reporting.

Together for the common good

Here are our goals as a benefit company, taken directly from our corporate object.

To contribute constantly to the spread and promotion of the sustainability culture, environmental communication, the sustainable and circular economy and the common good, through proprietary and/or third-party information channels.

To stimulate collaboration and synergy with non-profit organisations, benefit companies and B-corps in order to enhance the positive impact of their activities, possibly through contractual agreements using the “benefit credit” approach.
To maintain a positive workplace focused on empowerment and well-being, by encouraging and rewarding creative thinking, supporting practices to optimise integration between home and work, guaranteeing continuous training and exchanges of knowledge and skills, sharing goals and results.
To reduce our environmental impact and avoid wasting resources.
To launch and support awareness-raising campaigns on sustainability issues, also with a view to promoting gender equality and the integration of immigrants.
To create, manage and promote free training on sustainability issues, possibly through collaboration with teaching establishments, for parties with insufficient financial and cultural resources (micro-businesses, small voluntary associations, members of disadvantaged communities, etc.).
To maximise the digitalisation of corporate processes, for the agency’s own activities and for administrative procedures and requirements.
On an annual basis and in accordance with third-party standards, to report the agency’s results, progress and future undertakings to achieve a sustainable economic, social and environmental impact.
To boost the agency’s role as an active citizen by promoting projects for the communities where its offices are located, setting up synergetic collaboration and working pro bono to provide marketing and communication consultancy for local micro entrepreneurs.
To facilitate the entry on to the jobs market of young people interested in sustainability and the circular economy, with solutions and procedures developed in association with third parties.
To work to be the best client for our suppliers by building transparent relationships and shared goals, pooling values, ideas and skills.



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