The sustainable equation. Entsorga publishes its first Sustainability Report

26 Mar, 2024

Rapporto di sostenibilità Entsorga 2022

The publication focuses on ties with the community, the voices of the stakeholders and innovative projects in the environmental sector. The Turin-based company engaged the services of Amapola.

Entsorga, a leading player in waste treatment technologies for the production of renewable fuels, confirms its commitment to ESG issues with the publication of its first voluntary Sustainability Report, covering 2022. The title is The sustainable equation. This is an important step for Entsorga, which has transitioned from disclosure of its emissions and initiatives to a full-blown sustainability report based on the GRI Standards. Amapola assisted the company at every stage in the design and planning of the Sustainability Report.

Entsorga’s sustainable identity

Entsorga was formed in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors with the goal of reducing the impact of human activities on the Planet by developing green technologies for the efficient and sustainable biological treatment of waste, transforming it into new materials and renewable energy. Today it is an Innovative SME operating in 27 countries, with the construction of 100 plants under its belt, 14 proprietary technologies and 11 patents. Its fully automated low-energy solutions are suitable for small communities and large industrial systems alike, and fully compatible with the principles of the circular economy. Every day they cut the environmental impact of waste by more than half, preventing the emission of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Entsorga set out on its sustainability and innovation journey over ten years ago, when it obtained its first carbon footprint calculation and first environmental certifications. Over the years, it has extended its commitment across all fronts, leading in 2022 to the development of a formalised sustainability policy.

Sustainability numbers: Entsorga in 2022

More than one million tonnes of CO2 equivalent saved thanks to the Entsorga technologies used around the world, allied industries worth 14.5 million euro, 5% of turnover invested in R&D and investments of more than 33,000 euro for the community: these are some of the figures for 2022.

The report recounts many different initiatives in a variety of fields. They include the SATURNO project for the recovery of bioplastics from their organic matrices and reuse of the CO2; the “Schiacciamo la CO2” project to enable Derthona Basket, Italy’s first premier league basketball team, to achieve carbon neutrality thanks to the credits generated by positive-impact environmental projects; the enhancement of the local riverside park, the subject of the stunning photographs by Franco Arcesati and Paolo Udina that illustrate the report.

Entsorga’s close ties with the community are the key focus of the Sustainability Report, reflected not only in the photographs but also through the voice of the stakeholders, presented to the reader through interviews with opinion leaders and strategic interlocutors in the local area. The company’s business approach and the views of the stakeholders are effectively summarised in the materiality analysis, Entsorga’s first.

Future goals

In addition to illustrating the company’s projects and initiatives, the Entsorga report also sets out its objectives and commitments for the next few years.

«This first sustainability report marks the start of a journey that will give us even greater awareness of the impact of our operations,» comments Entsorga CEO Gian Francesco Galanzino. «Reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions, a renewable energy community open to employees and collaborators, new recovery projects, action to strengthen our governance: we wanted to set ambitious goals to demonstrate the strategic importance of sustainability as an inherent part of our way of thinking and doing business today.»

SMEs and sustainability

Amapola accompanied Entsorga throughout the  reporting process, from the preliminary planning, data collection and stakeholder engagement stages to the graphics-creative design of the report, which enhances Entsorga’s identity and storytelling.

«As a company where growth and responsibility merge, Entsorga is a perfect example of how important it is for SMEs to adapt to the new challenges of sustainability,» comments Giulia Devanileader of the Amapola Reporting Area. «Large corporations are spearheading the transition, but it will be small and medium enterprises who really drive it on a large scale. To facilitate the change, these businesses need to be helped to consolidate an ESG strategy that fuels the growth of skills and awareness. Amapola does this by being a constant presence offering dedicated solutions and extensive training.»