Amapola continues to expand: Irene La Porta is the new account on the Infrastructure and Territorial Projects team

29 Apr, 2024

Irene La Porta

La Porta joins the division headed by Emilio Conti, which specialises in territorial socio-environmental assessment and stakeholder engagement

Welcoming a new person to the agency is always a pleasure, and an exciting occasion showing how much Amapola has grown in the last few years and how much it continues to expand. To help us handle the many projects we are working on and are planning, the team has been joined by Irene La Porta, who goes to the Infrastructure and Territorial Projects division headed by Emilio Conti.

Welcome Irene!

Irene La Porta profile

Irene Irene has experience in communication and sustainability and worked previously as a Sustainability Analyst and Reporting Consultant. Since she was a teenager, she has devoted part of her free time to association work, making an active contribution to the Rotaract Club in Nicosia, of which she is Treasurer, and in Pavia, to the International Advertising Association – Italy Chapter and to CSRNatives, where she is the Leader of the Training Team. Strong-minded and inquisitive, Irene wants to leave her mark on the world by actively helping to promote a sustainability culture. In Amapola she will mainly be involved in environmental communication projects, territorial socio-environmental assessment, stakeholder engagement and reporting.

The Amapola Infrastructure and Territorial Projects division

As part of the ecological transition, construction of new infrastructure plays a vital role: renewables facilities, for example, are essential to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and change production methods in general. Very often, however, these projects stall – or even reach a dead end – due to the opposition of local communities, who in many cases are not involved in the strategic development of the area. To support organisations that want to build new infrastructure in a territory and in parallel cultivate listening, dialogue and participation with the local community, Amapola has formed the Infrastructure and Territorial Projectsdivision. The team leader is Emilio Conti, a consultant with more than 30 years of experience in environmental communication projects, sustainability reporting and management of stakeholder relations.