Amapola obtains ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system

20 Dec, 2023

Il Locandina del Community Apéro di Swiss Chamber con la partecipazione di Amapola

All three of our offices have been certified.

A few days ago, Amapola completed the procedure to obtain quality management system certification in compliance with the Uni EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certificate was issued by ANCIS, an entity accredited by ACCREDIA, Italy’s only accreditation body. This was a voluntary step for us, closely linked to the growth we have achieved in the last few years and the consolidation of our activities. And also to the approach we take to our work: after all, the pursuit of excellence is one of our values! All three Amapola offices – Milan, Turin and Alessandria – have received ISO 9001 certification.

Adopting a management system gives the organisation full control of its corporate processes, and enables it to monitor performance constantly. As a tool for transparency and objectivity, certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to continue improving its processes, with reference to an international technical framework.

We are delighted to have achieved this result, which is part of a broader strategy to develop and strengthen our entire company and its processes!