Autosped G Group presents the first Sustainability Report to the community

17 Mar, 2023

Foto dell'evento di presentazione del primo Rapporto di Sostenibilità di Gruppo Autosped G

Thursday 16 March, in the Sala Giovani room at the Tortona Civic Theatre, the journey undertaken by the Castelnuovo Scrivia group to measure sustainability in a presentation to stakeholders.

Responsabilità in movimento – Responsibility on the move. This is the title of the first Sustainability Report of the Autosped G Group, which was presented to the local community and stakeholders on Thursday 16 March.

The Autosped G Group is a long-established firm in the Alessandria area. Owned by the Gavio family, it has interests in many sectors, including logistics, canning, transportation and vehicle manufacture. Starting with the 2021 financial year, the company has implemented a sustainability reporting process, assisted by Amapola and 3i group, the leading player on energy and environmental questions in the region. The decision reflects the Group’s desire to take on a challenging opportunity with regard to all strategic interlocutors, in anticipation of future statutory requirements.

Moving towards ever more sustainable growth

After the institutional greetings from the Mayors of Tortona and Castelnuovo Scrivia – the towns with which Group has the closest ties – the meeting was addressed by Carlo Volpi, President of Fondazione Viva, Vicini alle imprese Vicini all’Ambiente, which was set up by Confindustria Alessandria in 2022 to promote good sustainability practices in the Alessandria area.

The session on the company was opened by Chief Executive Officer Luca Giorgi, who said: “Today is an important day for our Group because we are officially sharing our first Sustainability Report, which saw us measuring our environmental and social impact and enabled us to set additional development objectives geared to sustainability.”.

Next to speak were the members of the sustainability taskforce set up at the beginning of the project – Sara Merlo, Chief Legal Officer of the Autosped G Group, Filiberto Manfredi, Group Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, Angelo Manesso, Head of Human Resources, and Roberto Promutico, M&A department – who illustrated their respective departments’ intention of meeting the challenge with a progressive and transparent approach.

Autosped G Group: the voice of the stakeholders

The Group’s stakeholders were the protagonists of the second part of the meeting. Fabio Ventura, CEO of Tomato Farm, described innovation at the company, which operates in the canning industry and is one of the Group’s star players, given its close attention to the supply chain and innovation. Employees were also involved, in the person of Silvia Rauti Carbone, a G&A driver, who in 2022 published a book of photographs illustrating the lives of the drivers, entitled Nero.

Relations between the company and the community were the focus of the contribution from Elena Repetto, head of the Tortona Jobs Centre, which worked with the Autosped G Group and Randstad to set up a training academy for new drivers. Alice Pedrazzi, General Manager of Basket Club Castelnuovo Scrivia, a successful women’s basketball team in the A2 division – which recently won its first Coppa Italia trophy – talked about the role of sport in building social cohesion.

The meeting was closed by our senior account Giulia Devani, who stressed the importance, at a time of great ferment around sustainability issues, of making steady gradual progress, one step at a time, with clear, concrete objectives.