Gruppo Marazzato strengthens its reporting process with Amapola

16 Dec, 2023

Da sinistra a destra, Alberto, Davide e Luca Marazzato

The company is at work on its next sustainability and impact report. In the photo, from the left, Alberto, Davide and Luca Marazzato.

A leader in the development of solutions for the environment, the Marazzato Group is taking action to strengthen its sustainability reporting strategy, as part of a gradual enhancement and update with respect to the latest international standards and consolidation of its medium/long-term planning. Amapola is at the company’s side, providing support for strategic and stakeholder engagement activities.

The Marazzato Group’s sustainability commitment

The Marazzato Group is an Italian company active in waste management, disposal and recovery. Established in 1952, today it has more than 300 employees, 6 operating sites in North-West Italy, 2 waste treatment facilities and 250 vehicles. Reforestation, responsible consumption of resources, support for the territory, young people and sport: in its seventy years of operation, the Group has always been attentive to social and environmental impact questions. In May 2023 its sustainability journey led it to extend its corporate purpose and become a Benefit Company: a confirmation and, equally, a strengthening of its commitment.

The company began sustainability reporting in 2022, with documents detailing its environmental, social and economic impact and explaining how it mitigates negative impacts and expands positive impacts.

«Being sustainable also means measuring and assessing the company’s impacts and opening up to stakeholders,» says Alberto Marazzato, General Manager of the Marazzato Group. «For us, the report for financial year2023 will be an important step in our impact and sustainability reporting.»

The Amapola project

To ensure an effective and robust reporting process for the Marazzato Group, Amapola’s consultancy will focus specifically on the reporting strategy, materiality processes and stakeholder engagement. «The starting point for full stakeholder engagement is structured listening and dialogue on a continuous basis, covering everything from objectives to the reporting stage itself,» comments Giulia Devani, head of the Amapola Reporting Area. «The sustainability report is a snapshot of a particular moment, but our work with our clients takes place before, during and after its publication. Only then is it possible to build a shared reporting process that describes impacts in a concrete, credible and transparent manner. This is clearly indicated by the latest European legislation and is a direction in which the Marazzato Group is already moving.»