The future is present: Amapola with the CAP Group for the 2021 sustainability report

12 Dec, 2022

Copertina DNF 2021 Gruppo CAP

​A document with a solid method and enhanced by communication tools.

Amapola continues its cooperation with the CAP Group, the water utility for the metropolitan city of Milan, with the 2021 sustainability report, drafted in accordance with Non-Financial Disclosure criteria. This year once again, we worked with the company on the document, to make it accessible to a wider audience, rooted in the organisation’s long-term strategy and – above all – geared to continuous dialogue with all stakeholders. The report was a finalist in the “Unlisted large companies” category for the Report Oscars organised by FERPI, the Italian public relations federation.

The Group’s commitments

The CAP Group 2021 Sustainability Report, drafted in accordance with the GRI standards, references the utility’s Sustainability Plan and three core pillars: Sensitive, Resilient, Innovators. This was done to integrate the report into the company strategy, which has always paid great attention to planning processes and scenario analysis.

Organised in four chapters (Sustainable innovation, Water, environment and climate change, Ecological transition, Close to people), the report details the results achieved in 2021, without forgetting the company’s objectives for the long term: innovation and digitalisation processes, creation of value for the territory and the community, awareness-raising on water-related issues, attention to energy and waste issues, stakeholder engagement. It has also been enhanced with the latest frontiers in green finance. In addition to a taxonomy section, the report uses TCFD labels (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) to help readers find all the information that can generate risks (and opportunities) in connection with the climate.

«The integrated water service faces a series of key challenges for its future development,» comments Matteo Colle, head of External Relations and CSR at the CAP Group. «Decarbonisation, climate change, digitalisation, stakeholder engagement: each one of these issues requires new adaptation and sustainability strategies, to be reported and illustrated in a methodical and transparent manner. So reporting processes need to change too, to be updated and modified in response to a constantly changing situation and to provide investors and consumers with a clear, accurate picture of the state of the art of our service.»


Careful focus on the communication value of content

Attention to the communication aspects of the Report is immediately obvious, starting with the title, Il futuro è presente – The future is present – and the evocative cover illustration by visual artist Sonia Ligorio, which then provides a motif for the inside pages. Illustration is an important tool, and in fact an ad hoc concept was developed for each chapter.

The 2021 NFD was designed with great attention to accessibility and clarity of content: the graphic layout facilitates reading and the narration is clear and simple. Web links and QR codes make the document interactive and enable it to be read at various levels of detail. For 2021, the CAP Group decided once again to enhance the Report with the voice of its strategic interlocutors: four interviews with external stakeholders conducted by CAP people, journalists for a day, to bring the document’s materiality matrix “to life”. The interviews cover subjects like climate change, the circular economy, digitalisation, participation, and are available in text form in the document, and in videos accessed through QR codes that link to the original content on the website and the company’s web channels.

Our agency handled the production of the videos, from texts, direction and post-production. The video have also been subtitled for the hard of hearing.

A single look for a variety of documents

In addition to the 2021 NFD, we handled the CAP Group’s Separate Financial Statements, Consolidated Financial Statements, Industrial Plan, and 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, providing communication support and strategic consultancy to harmonise the various publications. The same graphics and communication approach will be used for the next update of the Group Sustainability Plan.

This was a true coordinated image project: all the documents have the same graphic design and interact with one another. In a pop style, the covers use Sonia Ligorio’s illustration for the NFD in different colours, carefully selected from the brand identity palette. A creative approach for documents with a distinctive look.

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