The Benefit Company model to generate social impact: we’re there too!

20 Nov, 2023

Locandina evento "Il modello società benefit per generare impatto sociale"

An event in Turin examines the benefit concept. Experiences include the Comunità di pratica and the Fit4benefit project, in which we took part with other Benefit Companies as part of Torino Social Impact. 

Torino Social Impact, together with the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the Cottino Social Impact Campus and in collaboration with  API Torino and the Turin Industrialists Union, is organising an event entitled “The Benefit Company model to generate social impact” on 27 November at the Cottino Social Impact Campus, Corso Castelfidardo 30/A, Turin.

Benefit companies and local experiences

The meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the benefit company model now revolutionising the entrepreneurial paradigm, with the presentation of case histories and an examination of current developments. Together with Grace De Girolamo, we’ll be talking about Amapola’s experience on the Fit4benefit – Impact Exercises project, a networking and training program that led to the creation of the Torino Social Impact practice community for benefit companies. We will be joined by Futura Law Firm, FL20 Studio and Synesthesia, who, like us, have co-organised meetings on the journey shared with Torino Social Impact. Amapola’s point of view will be presented by our Communication Manager, Micol Burighel.