Amapola specialises in the prevention and management of communication crises, in particular those arising from environmental and social difficulties and emergencies.

The agency has specific expertise in relationship governance in cases of territorial conflict and dissent. This is what is generally known as the NIMBY syndrome, “not in my back yard”: local opposition to developments, infrastructure and plant that could have an environmental impact.

The Amapola operating method is designed to pick up the mood in the community as early as possible to activate a communications and relations system that prevents the usual short-circuit of factional conflict.

These are the actions and tools generally activated in the event of a crisis:

  • context analysis: territorial mapping of interests, influences and stakeholders
  • identification of risk scenarios, operational prevention and mobilisation plans
  • organisation of management training and coaching, planning and running of workshops on community development and communication techniques
  • community relations: structured listening, facilitation of participation processes, social accompaniment and conflict management projects
  • web community relations: activation and monitoring of listening and dialogue channels on all social networks
  • media monitoring
  • positioning reports and position papers.


These are the main rules Amapola follows and adapts according to the needs of the individual project:

  • communicate messages that are true, understandable and complete
  • eliminate acronyms, technical jargon and specialist code
  • valorise good practices and environmental benefits without exaggeration or imprecision, avoiding all risks of greenwashing or shortcuts purely for image purposes
  • demonstrate the link between messages to raise environmental awareness and daily behaviour
  • interact and discuss with interlocutors in order to understand and satisfy them, and also responsibilise them with regard to shared commitments
  • be positive and engaging, to foster support and virtuous behaviour
  • attribute a specific weight to caring for local community relations
  • use the opportunities of digital communication and social media to shorten distances and establishing an increasingly active monitored listening and talking channel.


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