Amapola guarantees effective support on corporate training to govern continuous training plans or manage times when the company “opens up” at potentially critical phases.

The training offer ranges from communication and sustainability in a technical context, which is always personalised to individual needs and the specific industry, to specific media training and public speaking courses usually intended for individual managers.

The agency delivers its training through workshops, focus groups and individual meetings, as well as through webinars, one-to-one sessions, remote video tutorials.

Amapola develops and manages:

  • training plans for top management, including sessions to establish the competitive benchmark
  • information and awareness-raining plans for intermediate roles, commercial and production personnel, sales networks, etc.
  • media training and public speaking
  • crisis training
  • social media strategy.

In its specific area of specialisation, Amapola provides focused corporate training to:

  • investigate scenarios, trends and key concepts in environmental and social sustainability
  • analyse concepts relating to sustainability objectives, content and communication in relation to different audiences
  • learn about and assess opportunities linked to effective environmental and social communication
  • improve competences for development of effective sustainability communication strategies and content in relation to the company’s different stakeholders
  • acquire the basic elements to facilitate understanding and dialogue in crisis situations
  • develop the ability to listen, share objectives, harmonise and co-develop sustainability growth, both within the management team and in relation to stakeholders.

Besides training, Amapola offers expert facilitation methods and techniques.

Facilitation is a method designed to coordinate tasks and engage session participants, helping them in negative situations, motivating them and introducing the concept of collective intelligence It is a contemporary socio-managerial construct with a strong educational impact, focused on interconnected networks, horizontal exchanges and the pluricentric dimension of knowledge and power.

Expert facilitation developed as a way to encourage forms of integrated aggregation in corporate workgroups of all types, balancing technical and social elements to help boost production (performance and results) and participation (relations and collectivity). A moderated meeting between these two levels aims to contain reciprocal excesses (rigidity and chaos) and develop open, collaborative settings, which are more effective and harmonious.

Amapola designs personalised facilitation courses through an initial structured listening session to learn about the company’s needs and objectives, and then develops and manages facilitation sessions. The techniques and methods it uses are always calibrated to the individual program, but range from the most common (structured focus group, active listening) to the most complex and longer lasting (World Cafè, Open Space Technology, Four Tribes, etc.), as well as advanced participatory project management techniques (back casting, reverse brainstorming, Smart method, etc.).

Every facilitation session closes with a progress report and preparation of the subsequent session. On completion of the course, a full report is provided on outcomes achieved and the state of the group’s “productive&participatory health”.



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