Public relations consultancy is an activity requiring extensive experience and constant attention, which are indispensable in a world where the disintermediation of information and the proliferation of channels generate complex situations that are not easy to understand and manage.

Formulating strategies, understanding target audiences, selecting content, identifying tools, adapting the tone to the specific circumstances, contexts, situations: Amapola offers its expertise to create a convincing cross-media narrative in order to build relationships based on trust, transparency and reciprocity, and develop a solid, lasting reputation.

In the specific field of digital PR, Amapola has been developing solid ties with influencers and bloggers in various sectors, “ambassadors” with the power to convey the values of a brand, a company, a service or a product to their followers.

Our services:

  • positioning analysis and strategies
  • institutional media relations
  • product/service media relations
  • relations with shareholders and internal units
  • relations with sales networks, supply chains, industrial and commercial partners
  • relations with government agencies and regulators
  • relations with trade associations, territorial organisations, spontaneous committees
  • relations with bloggers and influencers
  • digital PR
  • press conferences, press meetings, press trips, open days
  • web, social, online conversation monitoring
  • offline/online press reviews and results analysis
  • coaching for public speaking, videos, TV, radio.


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