For Amapola, content management means creating effective content that is comprehensible, suited to the target audience, able to create a relationship and engagement, consensus and retention.

The agency’s approach always begins with a preliminary check and contextualisation, followed by detailed planning over a short, medium and long timeframe. Amapola’s professionals offer a variety of specialisations. These include copywriting modelled to the various targets, a selection of tools (text, images, videos, audio podcasts) commensurate with effectiveness objectives, a range of channels taking account of opportunities and situations, where possible giving preference to an omnichannel approach. And, where necessary, offering a multilingual option.

Amapola content management services cover:

  • context analysis: historic, market, competitors
  • development of editorial plans and digital editorial plans
  • selection of channels and regulation of tone of voice
  • specialist copywriting
  • post production, choice of images, videos and audio
  • storytelling and video storytelling
  • engagement policies on social media
  • social campaign of sponsored content
  • web updating
  • production of monographs, entrepreneurial stories, success stories
  • multilingual content through our partnership with Dotwords.


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