to strengthen dialogue with the local territory and highlight the technological innovation and environmental sustainability of the Spinetta Marengo factory, with a community event.


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In 2022, the Solvay plant in Spinetta Marengo 

reprised its Fabbriche Aperte open day. The purpose of the event is to build ties with the local community by providing adults and children with an insight into the life of the factory, so that local residents can see for themselves what working in a chemicals plant is like and explore one of the most important manufacturing plants in the province of Alessandria.

The 2022 edition of Fabbriche Aperte was held in an important year for the factory, which celebrated twenty years of Solvay management and opened some strategic new plants. More than 1,000 visitors came through the factory gates for an event including guided tours of the production departments and presentations of the factory’s achievements and current projects.

The day, entitled Welcome to 2030, the future is already here, opened with a talk attended by the local authorities, the media and representatives of the local community, on “Chemicals today and tomorrow: the ecological transition and new challenges”. The institutional event was followed by a tour of the factory, a journey allowing visitors to explore developments in the chemicals industry by learning about the projects demonstrating Solvay’s ongoing commitment to the environment and innovation.

The tour, led by 100 volunteers from the company personnel, consisted of three sections:

  • An innovation area to visit one of the factory’s key components, the PFR plant, which produces perfluorinated rubber, a substance used in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the PFR plant, the visitors watched a video on a new development frontier, the Aquivion® prototypes plants, which produces membranes and other materials for the fast-growing hydrogen market.

  • The environmental protection area, with a visit to the new reverse osmosis plant, which treats process wastewater, and to the adjacent site where the new active carbon treatment plant for additional filtering of industrial cooling water is under construction.

  • The EXPO ARENA, a large green area for laboratories, entertainment for adults and children, and a host of other applications, large and small, for Solvay products and the research behind them.

The Amapola project

Amapola handled the event management and communication. It was involved in every step of the coordination and organisation, from the initial planning of the format to the development of the institutional round table, from the production of the installations and communication materials to the management of the groups of workers and volunteers who took part.

Amapola also managed the Solvay multimedia platform for Fabbriche Aperte 2022, producing a range of content: two videos, on environmental protection and innovation, which were transmitted during the guided tour, and the video-reportage on the event.

Read the article in La Stampa.

Watch the video-reportage


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