There are various types of sustainability reporting process, depending on the organisation’s level of maturity with regard to sustainability strategy.

Amapola helps organisations select the most appropriate reporting method for their requirements, setting up a made-to-measure approach and supporting every stage in the reporting process, from strategic planning:

  • creation and coordination of the task force (or sustainability committee)
  • selection of the reporting model (sustainability report, non-financial disclosure, integrated report)
  • stakeholder mapping
  • materiality analysis
  • document collecting and analysis
  • communication approach (storytelling)
  • content organisation and drafting
  • graphics/visual design,

to enhancement of reporting through communication, with specific solutions and tools to disclose and explain sustainability to stakeholders and the general public, over and beyond the limited community of specialists:

  • pocket sustainability reports
  • infographics and data visualisation projects
  • video clips, video reports, interviews.


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